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the Love for Nature fulfills through real choices

The Laboratory of Nature

The Bionatura Research, Development and Production Laboratory, a leader in the field of professional cosmetics, was established in 1982 near the Abano and Montegrotto hot springs basin in Padua, Italy. It is among the first companies in Italy to receive UNI EN ISO 22716 and CA-102320-1107 certifications for its organic cosmetics lines.

Bionatura aims at the development of natural products, thanks to a careful selection of raw materials and to the use of modern technologies, so that you can consider it a modern Laboratory of Nature.

Bionatura makes facial and body product lines for third parties: industry brands, spas, beauty farms, herbalists, pharmacies. It is the ideal partner to rely on for excellence, quality and service in the domestic and international cosmetic market.

You can customize according to your needs the wide range of formulations that are available; security and quality are guaranteed during every phase of the procedure: R&D, Production and Packaging Dep and also regarding laboratory tests and protocols of use.