Research & Development

testing and innovation never stop

Promoting research and innovation has always been the leading principle of BIONATURA, a modern structure with cutting-edge equipment, with its own Laboratory, Quality Control Dep. and a Microbiology Dep. Thanks to the expertise and curiosity of our cosmetology technicians, we are able to develop innovative, natural and organic formulations that can be certified while meeting high standards of safety and quality.

The reliability of our formulations is firstly guaranteed by the choice of certified suppliers, by the use of innovative raw materials of plant origin and no OGM, without pesticides and without the use of ionising radiations; the security tests and quality controls are a guarantee for our products before they are marketed.
Physical and chemica tests together with microbiological tests are carried out in-house, but we also avail ourselves of external laboratories to do challenge tests, skin tolerability tests, dermatological tests, heavy metals and efficacy tests…

Here below you can find a list of products that Bionatura can produce:
  • creams, emulsions, lotions, gels and skin oils
  • face masks
  • shower and bath gel
  • deodorants and anti-sweat products
  • hair cleansing products (lotions, shampoos), hair beauty products ( lotions, creams, oils), hair styling products (lotions, hair sprays, hair wax)
  • shaving products (creams, foams, lotions)
  • make-up removers, lip products
  • nail care products and nail polish fixers intimate hygiene products
  • sun products, self-tanning products
  • skin lightening products and anti-wrinkles products

Our products are manufactured in full compliance with the European current regulations.