Production Department

innovative products, effective and safe

In the Production Department the results pursued by the R&D Dep. become “reality” – that is, what has been produced in small quantity to be tested and approved, is then produced on a large scale. Raw materials, stored in air-conditioned rooms, are dosed and worked following the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). The production area is provided with a wide range of turbo emulsifiers which work in a complete vacuum; it is therefore possible to produce different quantities of semifinished products: both small quantities (10,20, 30 and 60 kilograms), medium quantities ( 150/200 kilograms), and big productions – that is, 300 and 600 kilograms.
Our equipment allow us to have a great flexibility and a better reaction in case of urgent requests. The bulk product is tested checking chemical and phisical parameters: specific weight, pH and viscosity; before proceeding with the packaging and shipment, all the data referred to the bulk product are registered on its product sheet.