flexibility and attention to detail

The Packing Dep. is equipped with automatic and semi-automatic lines together with capping and labelling machines, suitable for all packaging.

Our equipment is composed of:
  • Our equipment is composed of:
  • filling machines and heatsealers for plastic tubes,
  • mechanized filling lines,
  • packing machines for plastic and glass,
  • laser markers,
  • semi-automatic labelling machines,
The packing capability varies according to the features of the products that have to be packed. The structure of packing machines allows us to fill and package quantities from 300/500 pcs to bigger quantities. The facility allows for partial or full product service. Health and safety conditions and environmental compliance are an integral part of our company policy. Specialized personnel carry out qualitative and quantitative checks. For each finished product, we check compliance and keep samples so as to ensure traceability. Once the parameters are obtained to conform to the standard, the batch is packed and shipped to storage warehouses.